Well if a girl likes to have flat shoes even then she needs the high heel shoes in her closet to be rocked in parties whether it is the wedding parties or the young gala celebrations. High heels are chic and give you ultra fashion look and even there are many reasons to go with high heel shoes for ladies as they:
•    Add height to your figure
•    Enhance sex appeal
•    Right way to draw attention
•    Making one appears longer
•    Boost up the level of confidence
•    Maintain the proper postures
So now there is no excuse to avoid high heels especially when you have to maintain extra ordinary and exquisite look in fashion parties. When it comes to choose the color then mostly black heels are alluring to accentuate your beautiful persona and surely there is no substitute of attaining the pair of designer wear shoes. My collection consists of the designs which can help you in maintaining the highly fashionable personality to just be a right fashionista as we dream of having the same like celebrities. A lot of styles footwear like stilettos, peep toe, pointy heels, wedges and many others can give you plenty of choice to be a rocking star in a wedding party as if you dare to try something untraditional like black dressing theme or for the evening parties especially New Year eve.
No matter where you wanna shine like a modern fashionista, try the designs that I am going to display you in the images below.

High heel black patent sandals:

1+ Black High Heels Fashion Shoes for wedding and parties

The beautiful design black patent high heel shoes are just great to dazzle in the parties, but before wearing these footwear you must have Pedi cure treatment so that it looks neat and clean, on the other hand paint your nails with bright color nail polish like red, shocking, pink or orange shades.

Sequined and rhinestone peep toe shoes:

2+ Black High Heels Fashion Shoes for wedding and parties (5)

Embellishments on black shoes look incredible like sequins and rhinestones are the motifs mostly used on shoes. Peep-toe shoes worn with sheath dresses are highly recommended for modish girls. On New Year eve parties the girls can carry sequined or rhinestone shoes with the glittery party dresses.

Glam of pointy high heel footwear:

3+ Black High Heels Fashion Shoes for wedding and parties (8)

Most of the time the glam of pointy high heels seems in the lime light especially through showbiz personalities. The two designs are just for the ladies who wanna attain the chic level of fashion. For petite and plus size ladies I will recommend it because it will create illusion of elongating height.

Extra long heel fashion black sandals:

4+ Black High Heels Fashion Shoes for wedding and parties (10)

The extra long heel shoes are designed with the cage strappy design on ankles which is creating the sex appeal of ladies. You may pair these shoes with the top and jeans or with the sheath dresses if you are going to attend party in summer or spring days.

Fancy high heels footwear:

5+ Black High Heels Fashion Shoes for wedding and parties (12)

The two designs for fancy high heel shoes are looking miraculous especially when you wanna attain the illusion of height. You may style the shoes with your formal dressing codes and even for wedding functions too when you want the prominent persona.

Fashion heels for young girls:

6+ Black High Heels Fashion Shoes for wedding and parties (14)

For fashion girls different textured footwear is easy to style with any dressing in which they want to have marvelous looks. So wear it with folded jeans, formal or semi formal dressing and also for the university days to have chill with the friends.