Cake is a form of sweat dessert that is typically baked, often served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. It is the essential part of these events and no ceremony and event is celebrated without a cake.  There are a huge variety of cakes and they are made and decorated according to the event. Lots of things are used to garnish a cake, and here we are talking about the wedding cakes. Some people like to decorate with beautiful and unique figurine cake topper and other like monogram cake topper. We have gathered some adorable beach cakes that are not oly yummy but also look as pieces of art.

If you are planning about your beach-themed wedding then don’t forget about your wedding cake.  Decorate your cake with the treasures of the ocean-shells, coral, and pearls because these are rare and beautiful things.  Three tiered cake is made with white frosting and decorated with sea-shells in different shapes and sizes, starfish, sea animals and plants motifs. The top of each tier is spread with crushed biscuits to create the illusion of sand. This beachy dessert will infuse any seaside wedding with extra little slice of paradise.

The four layer masterpiece, decorated with barnacle shells, starfish and sea plants in cascading down style. If your mouth waters at the thought of the classic beach treat, then this beautiful cake is for you. This romantic water color painted cake is inspired by the colors of the sea; a pair of tiny wooden chairs in white color is placed on the top of this three tiered cake with sand and sea-shells and some star fish, coral and sea shell motifs are also used to decorate the cake.

A simple white cake is crowned with a topper fashioned from royal icing to resemble a pair of wedding rings for both bride and groom in an open oyster shell. The cake is also decorated with star fish, snail and sugar pearls. This stunning confection is perfect for beach wedding features with edible star fish, scarf in cascading style and also a kissing couple figurine cake topper.

Beach wedding cake is topped with two chairs, star fish, and sand and sea plants and accented with edible coral ribbon at the base of each tier looking so gorgeous. Regardless of where you are getting married, you can still draw inspiration of this beach wedding cake that is amazing and so beautiful to cut. A palace-themed confection is the perfect surprise for the couple and for the guests. Every girl wants to live in a palace like a princess so this cake can be a big surprise for her and she will be definitely happier.

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