Old fashions are coming back with innovation and novelty. A it is happening in the dresses so is the case with the shoes. Surprisingly women are adopting these new fashions with enthusiasm and eagerness despite of its inspiration from the past. But media has played a vital role in expanding the new trends and people especially women love to follow them in order to look trendy. Wedges are the fashion of 70th century when it was worn by women.

Now whether it is a fashionista or common person they like to wear these shoes for it provides them the opportunity to look different and bring diversity in their look. There is a wide range in wedges. We can have different kinds of wedges in different colors and different styles different from that what it was in the past history. Here are some wedges shown to give you an idea how different wedges you can pair according to your outfit.

Wedge heel shoes in toe style;


In the picture princess Kate Middleton is wearing wedge heel shoes. You can well imagine how worth-buying these shoes are. These shoes really give aristocratic look and these are wearable on casual occasions with frock or gown. These shoes will make you feel easy. If you are not habitual of wearing heels then you can make a start from these shoes.

Peep toe ankle strap wedges;


Girls wearing these peep toe ankle strap shoes look very gorgeous. With skirts and narrow pants can be paired with these shoes. Especially college girls can opt for these shoes for they will look lovely and stylish. One shoe is ankle strap while the other is back strap heel shoes and both are looking very chic and fashionable. Tight pant and Capri can also be paired with these shoes to make you a fashion statement.

Ankle strap shoes with transparent heels;


Golden color ankle strap heel shoes will give an outstanding look making your appearance full of elegance. If you are wearing a dress having golden touch and coupled with denim then these shoes will make your demeanor a perfect one. You need to attend simple get together parties then definitely you can opt for these wedges.

Wedges with strappy heels;


These are some different kinds of shoes with different styles. Strappy heels look very cool with tights and skirts for having winter look. Because of straps working ladies who have to move around a lot, they can opt for these shoes. It will make their walk easy and comfy to walk easily.

Suede ankle strap wedges shoes;


These suede shoes will look awesome with your outfit if you are wearing printed or black tights. They shoes can be the substitute of high heel shoes if you are sick of wearing that shoes. These shoes are best for winter season and you can opt for these shoes for formal or informal meetings both. Business women will give a very pleasant look if they wore these wedges with their dress coat.