The dishes which are easy and  cook very fast are liked by everyone because many ladies don’t like to cook food they want to make   such meal which required very short time and some weekend nights are too much busy that we have not enough time to make the healthy and tough foods for the others  and the guest come  only at the  weekend night when we become fed up with the dull routine of the  full week then they want to take some rest but the dinner is compulsory  for them because it is  bad manners the guest go back to their home  without eating anything so for the guest we should ready such foods that are very easy.

The food which we make for us that  should be simple and  healthy because  some ladies are too much lazy they don’t want to make  food at home they  order from the hotel  but  the junk food is very poisonous  for the health .the ladies who want  to go fast and easy cook dishes they should remain with us and see the different  easy dishes.

Spaghetti or pasta:

Spaghetti is very tasty and the favorite dish of the kids they like to eat the spaghetti  in their lunch at the place of meal  you can make the spaghetti very easily in the 10 to 20 minute your spaghetti is ready  in the pasta you  have to add cream and the mozzarella cheese  to make the pasta it is very delicious and ready.

Chicken soup:

In the winter when you want to serve anyone  you can present him soup of chicken that is very easy on the stove keep the chicken with water and the salt ,tomatoes and all vegetables with the  corn floor and the  chicken powder and now  mix the soup well  with the wood spoon and  cook well till the chicken is cooked well  now it is ready  add the egg and  fast food is ready at home with full nutrient ions  for the decoration  you can use the coriander and the  cashew on the bowl.


The kids like to eat the sandwiches burger and the  roll  so in the night when you have very less time bit you are feeling hungry then  in very short timing make the sandwiches which requires very  short time only boil the chicken and then divide the meat in small pieces and then keep it on the stove  with salt  black paper and the  ageeno motto with the some pulses on one stove boil the chicken and on the other  boil the  lentils now add the some lentils in the chicken and mash it well  now this mashed mince keep in the bread with the cheese and the  ketchup and serve your guest in 20 to 25 minutes a delicious .

Roll bread:

On the bread and loafs you can keep the raw vegetables and the meat pieces with the sauces. One side make the loaf and on the other side make the minced in light spice and spread the mince on the loaf now keep the lettuce and the carrot with the cucumber and add chili sauce with the mayonnaise it is ready so spicy and creamy roll will really liked by the guest and good dinner for the busy night.

 Rice with minchoorian:

Rice is very light diet but it should be boiled in the night boiled rice is liked by many people it gives you very good taste on one stove boiled the rice and on the other chicken  in the chicken you can add the black paper ,salt , turmeric powder etc and   this spicy and  relish  dish can  increase your hunger on the  busy night and you will eat it with the  Pepsi and the other soft drink.

Burgers and the patties:

The  new generation is very  fond of the junk food which are not good for the or health  but these delicious  burger can be  cooked at home  at the  busy night very fast cooked  just take the patties and keep it in the  round burger with the  salad and the cheese  on it you can sprinkle  the Chinese salt and the  cheeses crushed is also good.

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