Lace Wedding Shoes in Different Styles:

Lace is a very fragile stuff that is mostly used into the decoration of different accessories. When it comes to design wedding dress then lace stuff is used for adding sophistication into the dress while for shoe décor it is used for enhancing the delicateness of the footwear. Mostly lace is used in white color. White is very significant color from western wedding point of view because brides usually wear white gown on the wedding day so they need white footwear also.

So, my today’s assortment of footwear deals only with white lace footwear for brides. These styles of footwear are in vogue now days. So, if you are going to tie knot in this year then follow this latest trend & look quite cute on the big day of life!

Into the following photo gallery you can see some lace footwear in different styles but all are very beautifully & flawlessly embellished with crystals, rhinestones & pearls. Let’s have a quick look!

Wedge Heel Lace Footwear:

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Try this wedge heel footwear that is totally covered with white lace & then very little sparkling crystals & pearls are used for its decoration!

Flat Bridal Shoes with Lace, Flower & Pearl Décor:

2 Trend Of Shoes with Lace,Crystal & Pearl Work (6)

If brides are searching for flat footwear then dear bride-to-be try this one! Flat ballet footwear with flower, lace, crystal & pearl embellishments are looking very exciting!

High Heel Shoes for Wedding:

3 Trend Of Shoes with Lace,Crystal & Pearl Work (8)

Some ladies like to rock even on their wedding day by wearing high heel footwear! So, if you also want to rock on the dance floor then try this pair! Leather stuff is used into its manufacturing, then lace, crystal & pearls are used for decoration!

Close Toe Medium Heel Footwear:

4 Trend Of Shoes with Lace,Crystal & Pearl Work (4)

Don’t need flat & high heel?  Then try something at average I mean medium heel footwear. Yes, this pearl brooch bow style closed toe footwear!

Open Toe Footwear:

5 Trend Of Shoes with Lace,Crystal & Pearl Work (12)

In summer season the closed toe footwear may be irritating for the brie o enjoy your summer day wedding by wearing open toe footwear as shown above into the image!

Sling Back Bridal Lace Crystal Footwear:

6 Trend Of Shoes with Lace,Crystal & Pearl Work (14)

Get a stylish look by trying something totally different! In this year mostly the sling back style footwear with lace, pearls & crystals embellishments in white color are just an ideal choice for brides. So, what’s your opinion about this style!

Crystal & Pearls Wedding Footwear for Brides & Bridesmaids:

If you are still eager to view some more designs then don’t worry because the following picture is full of with some more new & fresh designs. Have a look & choose your favorite style!