First one flat shoe color is shining silver which is very nice to look at the sight. Only one stud is used in its design. It is designed with a buckle at the side of the sandal. Mostly it is wear in the festivel or occasion.second one is embellished with elegant design. Beads have been used in its design which gives an adorable touch to the foot wear. Elastic used in its back side. The sides of the sandal beautifully stitch with colorful thread which adds the beauty of the sandal. It attracts the people. Third flat shoe designed by buckle at the side of the ankle. Shimmering small stone has been used in its style. It is mostly wear with matching dresses. Leather used in its sole. Mostly girls try to find out such fashionable sandal with their dresses. last shoe is designed beautifully but A number of girls want to wear simple sandal which suit in their foot. Colorful Beads used in its front side in the form of row. It is designed by buckle at the side of the sandal. Animal color leather used in its sole.