Flat Shoes Designs for Ladies by Gianvito Rossi:

Gianvito Rossi is basically an Italian shoe designer who took step into the world of fashion in the year of 2006 & from then to till he is launching best footwear collection for fashion conscious ladies. His collections & innovative geometric pattern designs always draw the attention of modish girls & ladies. A feeling of luxury makes his every pair of footwear very inspiring & dazzling. He kept his eye on the latest trends of fashion so that he can design such footwears which also fulfill the requirements of the current fashion.

No doubt his each collection is just simply chic. He tries to add less ornamental effect into his footwears collection but his each collection looks very elegant & glamorous due to unbelievable geometrical shapes & creative lines. Today, on this page you can check out only flat footwear which all are designed by the Gianvito Rossi. Have a look!

Black Leather Ballet Flats:

1 black amazing flat shoes

Have a pure black color ballet flats that is made with soft leather stuff. It has pointed & narrow toe line & it is looking just awesome with coated effect. It can be used casually with pants & other casual dresses as well as formally.

Sheer Flats with Animal Print Leather:

2 leopard print shoes

This shoe has leather sole & leopard print leather is used around the pointed toe line & at the anklet part. It is a sheer shoe because the usage of transparent stuff is making it very classy & sheering.

Beige Flat Shoe with Anklet Strap:

3 skin flat ladies shoes

This is another version of Gianvito Rossi flat footwears. It is made with patent leather stuff. Now days beige color is in fashion that’s why I include this one. An ankle strap is also attached. The style is looking quite dazzling. A good addition into your footwear wardrobe because it looks nice, easy to wear & comfortable!

Floral Print Flat Footwear:

4 women colourful sandal

Check out this pointed toe line flat footwear that is also designed by the Gianvito Rossi & floral design stuff is used into its manufacturing. Perfect for casual wear!

Designer Flat Footwear for Girls:

These footwears are also just perfect for getting a red carpet feeling. Yes! These look very trendy, add grace into your feet & help you in order to finish your look fabulously. These footwears with precious & flawless details always capture the attention of fashion addict people. Some more designs of flat footwears re shown below. So, don’t forget to check out the following gallery!