Current presentation:

1Black Leather Ankle Strap High Heels

Our current segment is intra-linked with current presentation of fashion collection regarding with fashion facts of styling footwear.

High heel shoes with ankle strap:

2LADIES NUDE HIGH HEELS ankle strap pumps

Now times trendy footwear especially shoes with high heels are considered very trendy and elegant especially with ankle straps are considered very up to dated in fashion world and they also grip foot in a nice way.

Floral print ankle strap high heel shoes:

3Floral Print Platform Ankle Strap High Heels

Such remarkable representation is based on classy materials with elegant utilization of trendy designing techniques, as you can see the floral printing on shoes beautifying it. This kind of shoes also goes with your simple dresses or summer dresses to enhance them

Open toe heels with ankle strap:

4ankle atrap open toe heels

Colors and styling figures involve in this collection are excessively fashion up to dated which totally enhance allurement in one`s personality for sure. Colors like skin, pink, blue, black, red, green grey are presented in the collection.

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