10 innovative & fantastic ladies shoes by Kobi Levi

Kobi Levi is universal known feet wear designer that creates eccentric amazing shoes with amazing heels for girls those are liked by worldwide celebrities. Kobi Levi basically connected by Jerusalem and he showed his keen interest in manufacture of shoes from childhood and he made his first creation in high school with cardboard then pursuing his passion he enrolled his name in Bazalel Academy of art & design and gained graduate degree. After complete his study he worked as freelance shoe designer and learned business dealing secrets & craftsmanship. Now, his marvelous splendid feet wear creations achieved global wide significance.
Today, I am bringing at this blog only 10 Kobi Levi ladies shoes those are most inspiring and amazing. Outstanding eccentric heels such as watermelon, handcuffs heel, leg style heel, saw manufactured shoe sole and some more. Kobi Levi terrifically utilizes finest material to create awe-inspiring ladies shoes. Let illustrate here one by one, Kobi Levi top 10 amazing ladies shoes.

1 Kobi Levi black kite wings style ladies leather shoes

1amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi

Durable black leather shoes in awe-inspiring design created by Kobi Levi for ladies. Pointed toe with black kite’ wings cutting shape ankle exudes amazing glance.

2 Peep toe black leather shoes with trendy heel

2 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi (1)

This dazzling classy pair of ladies’ shoe is designed in peep toe ankle strap with exclusive cut style heel.

3 Swan bird Kobi Levi pump shoes

3 kobi levi amazing shoe

This exclusive outstanding Kobi Levi designed ladies’ shoe is exploring swan bird silhouette with white figure, red beak and black crown.

4 Amazing handcuff chain style sole of women feet wear

4 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi (3)

Impressively, look at those girl’ sandals those are created in incredible prisoner’s hand cuff style with passionate straps toe.

5 High leg leather boots with hand stitches

5 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi (4)

In this above image, you are seeing winter high heel leather boots those have outstanding crossing strings style heel and hand stitches slits.

6 Incredible metallic slide shoes for girls

6 amazng shoes of kobi levi

Take a look at this stunning inspiring girls’ shoe that is designed in funky peep toe style with amazing metallic stairs. Really, this is best sophisticated shoe for modish girls

.7 Modern Chinese style shoe by Kobi Levi

7 kobi levi current shoe

This ultra-classic marvelous style of cut pattern ladies shoes is created according the Chinese style and stand with duo thin sticks as a heel.

8 Chunky saw heel with crossing leather straps

8 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi (7)

Incredible manufactured saw form heel with crossing leather straps and studs ornament looks awesome lovely that is best pair of shoe to impress browsers.

9 Water-melon sturdy leather shoes for girls

9 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi (8)

Have a great inspiring glance of this water-melon silhouette leather shoes that is really able to surprising cherish. Its back cutting style attracts the amazing attention of every visitor.

10 Astonishing blonde hairs shoes for women

10 surpring feet wear for girls

This is most inspiring & incredible ladies shoes that is excellent wondrous formation of Kobi Levi. Flat shoes with patent golden structure and blonde hairs