Jaipuri khussa styles for girls:

Jaipur is the capital of Indian state of Rajasthan and is the largest city. This city is also known as pink city and has significant qualities. Jaipur is well known for its fabric styles, embellished materials, jewelry, leather ware and poetry. Khussa is also made from leather and therefore it comes in the range of Jaipuri Punjabi khussa. Jaipuri leather is popular all around the Asia and tremendously use by women with traditional outfits in Jaipur.
Wearing khussa is the conventional trend that has been worn with Punjabi dressing. Now this fashion has returned and crazes the girls by their impressive decorative styles and durable leather designs. Usually khussa worn with Punjabi dresses including laacha dress, chooridar pajama, Patiala shalwar and sometime with frocks.

in Pakistan, on the occasion of mehendi event girls usually wear Punjabi khussa. These are so easy, convenient and comfortable and easily wear able without any effort. Khussa are now is embroidered and embellished in demonstrative ways.
Let’s have a glimpse on all the exhilarating gathering of the Punjabi khussa styles for girls.

Black Punjabi khussa:

1. black and golden Punjabi Jaipuri khussa

One of the most eye-catching and gorgeous footwear in khussa style that girls prefer to select with their mehendi dress when they are going to wear chooridar pajama, Punjabi laacha and Patiala shalwar. Then this golden embellished khussa support you to grab the stares of the onlookers.

Pink motifs khussa:

2. shoking pink Punjabi Jaipuri khussa

Now a pink motifs khussa in front of you and you can tempt yourself with this exciting designed footwear. You can worn this pink khussa with yellow, black and pleasurable pink color combination and appears in the exhilarating glance that absorb the visions of the bystanders.

Golden tilla work khussa:

3. skin Punjabi Jaipuri khussa

Tilla work is a traditional embedded work that was highly used in bridal lehengas and in heavy dresses for wedding. This tilla work is now has been used in footwear including Punjabi khussa and Punjabi chappal. You can adorn your personality with this Punjabi tilla work khussa when you wore a Punjabi outfit in wedding ceremony.

Multi colors slip on khussa:

4. colourful Punjabi Jaipuri khussa

Slip on khussa and chappal girls used now with lawn dresses and also with mehendi dresses fro their cultural development in this era. This cultural khussa style in multicolor provides you an ease to wear and smooth instead of any other footwear. These slip on shoes are quite expedient and suitable to carry with each variety of dresses.

We hope you enjoyed a lot with the assortment of Punjabi khussa styles in exceptional ways. You have seen we present extremely admired and complimentary gathering of khussa footwear in front of. Now its up to you how you can mange yourself to wear these Punjabi Jaipuri khussa with your Punjabi outfits or dresses.