Lace give very fragile look to the shoes making them look delicate and light weighted. In these laced embellished shoes girls feel like princess for its look and designing. Pairing different outfits with laced embellished shoes you can increase charm of your demeanor and make other see your foot again and again looking at the glamour that they are showing covered in laced embellished shoes.

All types of shoes pumps, peep toe, cage, wedges and in fact sports shoes can be found with lace decoration. In summer you can wear these light weight shoes to have striking look. Different designs in laced shoes are here for you:

Wedge shoes with white lace embellishment:

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Wedge shoes give very girlish and cute look to girls. Wearing miniskirts or one piece dresses girls often go for wedge shoes. Here this wedge shoes are embellished with white lace and these are looking wonderful with its designing. With cigarette pant and white color op too you can consider to wear these wedge shoes. College and university girls can wear these wedge sandals to have classy look.

Peep toe cage shoes with back zipper:

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Black peep toe style cage shoes with back zipper you will have gorgeous and glamorous look. Embellished with black lace shoes are looking fantastic and to add charm wear red color pout. For cocktail party in your red color outfit you can consider to wear these black color cage shoes to wear with one piece dress along with black jacket. With pencil skirt and blouse too you can wear these sandals to have more attractive look.

Pointy court shoes:

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Stylish and classy ladies would like to wear these court shoes or pointy pumps to add elegance to their demeanor. White lace embellishment is making the shoes eye-catching and with certain outfits like maxi dresses or gowns these white laced embellished court shoes will look stunning and striking. A black color outfit with white color decoration on it will look perfect with these court shoes. Brides of engagement functions will look gorgeous in these shoes.

White laced embellished sneakers:

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For summer these laced embellished sneakers will make you feel comfortable and easy throughout the day. These are looking light weighted and with sports wearing you can opt for these shoes. Also with your skirt and blouse outfit you can match these white laced embellished sneakers to have active and beautiful look.

Pink color shoes with lace embellishment:

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Baby pink color shoes will lend your feet attractive look and with lace embellishment these are looking very nice and fashionable. White stones at one side of the shoes are making them stunning and striking. Have glamorous look in your attire with the addition of these peep toe style high heel shoes.
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