If you want to remain cozy and warm in winter season and prevent from bad effects of this weather that damage our body from feet than buy wool and leather made shoes for you so that are not only decorous for daily outgoing but also for school, office and college going and you could also spent this frozen period with full of joy and thrill.
You can see nice and pompous shoes of illustrious and legendry brand “Marry Janes” which is the biggest worldwide American trademark and famous owing to its closed low-cut shoes with one or more strips, thin outsole, one inside strip around the feet stuck with button or buckle.
Recently, this American trade mark [Marry Jones] has released its baby and kids shoe collection which is much appropriate for winter season. Don’t be doubted about this label, you can easily trust on it because it has much experience and success from a long time ago presence. Black, brown, sea-green, white, aqua, fawn and etc colorful these stylish shoes have been made by the usage of pure leather, patent leather, shimmering leather and wool yielding fabrication. Mostly shoes are simple but some pair has innovative cuts and a little bit applicants designing.  All over shoes have skinny outsole, stopped low-cut, one cute strip with button and shimmering shine.
These shoes can be used for daily school going in winter season….

Brand/trademark: Mary Janes
Located in: America
Released collection of: Footwear accessory
Made of: Pure leather
Style: Closed low-cut with one strip
Colors: Black, brown, sea-green, white, aqua, fawn
Perfect for: School going girls
Used for: Spending winter season



traditional bar shoes or 'Mary-Jane' shoes