We always blog different wedding ideas for couples and keep in mind the new trends and unique things that can stun anyone quickly. So what do you think a bride can do for her wedding look, no doubt everything from dressing style to makeover all are perfect and she does not expect any disaster.

But aside from all these accessorizing, would you think there is any other interesting way to define your wedding appearance? We tell you about exclusive trend of shoes stickers for brides yet now grooms take such decals to signify some feelings or symbols about wedding. Currently, every bride is going with such classy style of enhancing beautiful wedding heals that always been dreamy for brides.

Most of the times, all these stickers are paste below part of shoes as it has soft place that permit decals to stick there. Well, if you are thinking these stickers will not be prominent during walking down the aisle then change your mind and rethink about photo session of wedding where shot of wedding shoes with inspiring stickers will be a great memory to rewind for the coming happy ever year of years after marriage.

We have such a wonderful collection of wedding shoe stickers that will inspire your taste and turn the head due to its unique way of expressing. Wanna take a view of all? Keep on reading and scrolling down the cursor for more details.

Disney inspired bridal shoes stickers:


It doesn’t matter that you are now a young lady and the charm of Disney land is just by teen and little girls. Disney princesses are always be a dreamy inspiration for every girl so state your personal choice Disney couple through a shoe sticker and enjoy every wedding walk feeling like you are also the princess of your husband.

Inspiring wedding words on stickers:


Well meaningful words or statements about wedding really fascinate everyone especially the couple, being an inspiring wife have a sticker for wedding shoes ‘Wifey for lifey’. On the other hand you can share your joy of meeting two souls by displaying the ‘And they lived happily ever after’ through shoe decal on both wedding shoes.

Wedding date sticker of shoes:


Another way to chill up the wedding is to state the date of remarkable wedding day on shoes by sticking the shoes stickers. These stickers are now easily accessible in markets too that you can own for. Display your newly made ‘Mrs.’ status or Save the date sticker on one wedding shoe and the date on other.

‘I do’ wedding shoes cool stickers:


Bridal is really anxious about the time when she says I do for her new relation and you can pick these words to add the interest level for wedding photo shot by presenting different style and font shoe stickers. We have also one sticker that is made of shiny rhinestones and on the other hand the sticker for groom ‘Me too’ in replying of bridal sticker.

Rhinestone shoe decals:


Tiny rhinestones create glossy effects whether it is upon dress, shoes or any other bridal accessory. Take the wedding shoes stickers styled with multi color rhinestones to enhance the fantastic silhouettes. We have given here the idea of rhinestone flower decal but the red heart shoes stickers are also passionate for bridals.

Different style wedding footwear decals:


We have displayed here the two different style wedding shoes stickers a bride and groom can own for. First is highlighting the Mickey and mini mouse love on each shoe who are sharing their love by giving heart. On the other hand, for bride and groom these little stickers of ‘I’IM TAKEN’ by groom and ‘HE IS MINE’ by brides are so inspiring to have on wedding shoes.