Pencil heel shoes are tremendously beautiful that give you sexy look whether you are going to wear it on wedding or casually. If you are in search of colorful heeled shoes then this post is right up your alley to take advantage of the fantastic designs. Well having the high heel shoes is the true destination of any lady that gives her extra height to make her persona stand out in any crowd. These fascinating heels are lean and balance out the feet support to give you comfort but sometimes it has been seen that most of the women do not feel comfort and there walk totally changed up. But I will tell you that any lady can overcome this problem by following the walking rules with heel one of them is, walking with heels first take step with heel and then toe, it will support your walk naturally and secondly instead of taking long steps go with small steps as long one can make it hard to walk appropriately.
Well bring the colors in your heels so that you could conquer the world. Upgrade your closet with this gorgeous collection of various shoes as every lady does not satisfied until her closet is not filled with dozen of pairs of shoes. I totally agree with the saying that perfect shoes are best friend of women. They support, elongate the look, upgrade style and give you lots of chances to keep up the unique appearance. Let’s go to take a glance at the images that will boost up your style statement by providing you various pencil heel shoes.

Pencil heel high sandals:

1 pencil heel sandals

Go with the strappy pencil heel sandals in maroon and orange color to match with your outfit for attaining sexy persona. With jeans this is best for long extra long girls to maintain their height with these strappy sandals.

Long heel stilettos:

2 long heel pumps

Stripy design is amazing when you have stilettos pencil heel shoes but other option is to take simple color footwear too if you do not want any texture.

Pointy heel footwear:

3 pointy high heel shoes

Pointy heel shoes are sexy and also called the Barbie shoes as they have fascinating look. To be more sexy choose the red pencil heel shoes for night parties or to attend the wedding ceremony embellished shoes will be best for young girls.

Long heel booties for winter:

4 pencil heel booties

The girls who have fear to not wear sandals in frosty winter, they have choice to create charm with the pencil heel booties in different textures like suede and lace for any style statement.

Fancy shoes with pencil heels:

5 embellished shoes for girls

Black fancy shoes with stone embellishments are gorgeous for any wedding party. Silver stones are commonly the preferred one for shoes décor but experience the colorful stoned heel footwear to be creative and fantastic.

T-strap pencil heel shoes:

6 colorful heel sandals

I love the gorgeousness of t-strap high heel sandals and that are fit to carry for street style to maintain the highly stylish appearance. Nude and colorful is here to give you choice with what kind of dress you are going to match these.

Lace up high heel shoes:

7 lace up high heel shoes

Lace up shoes look excellent in folded jeans or with nude legs. Blue and maroon colors are giving you option to amaze your dressing with these trendy heel shoes.

Glory of peep toe heels shoes:

8 peep toe long heels

For more support in pencil high heels, you must go with the peep toe booties with containing back zip in ravishing design you can see in the picture. Try this to any get together or going out to be prominent in trendy fashionistas.

Gladiator high heel shoes:

9 gladiator heels

To make your legs sexy another choice for pencil heel shoes design is to carry the gladiator with ropes style and fancy detailed shoes in turquoise color. With shorts and miniskirts this will look tremendous making your striking level higher than any other have.