Prada is the Italian fashion brand and this brand is found since 1913. The head designer is this brand is Miuccia Prada. Its products are consisting on clothes, shoes, cosmetic, jewelry, hand bags and so many fashion accessories.
In this brand we are talk about the shoes that design in this company. In this product the designer design the men & women wear accessories in the same time and according to fashion. In this collection they launch the foot wear for ladies wear in functional and casual wear. The fence shoes are perfect for the wedding and party wear and the simple and stylish shoes are wearable on party and casual show off. The leather and the satin utilize on these shoes. Velvet and printed leather apply in the majority of the shoes. The light and dark color made the shoes perfect for the all dress to match it easily. These shoes are consisting on the high heel and flat boots in the equal point of time. The straps and the zips are use to close these shoes in very stylish way.

Topic: Prada 2013 shoes collection
Brand: Prada
Stuff: leather and velvet
Color: light and bright
Design: high heel and flat boots
Perfect for: wedding, party and casual wear.

Crazy design of Prada shoes for women 2013

High heel Prada for women 2013

High heel red color women footwear 2013