Glittery Leather Sedding Shoe:

Glittery stuff used in its upper side. Such kind of sandal attracts the people. It is worn on wedding ceremony. The entire sandal seems an eye catching. It heel is very high. Short stature bridal can wear it on her wedding ceremony to enhance her height. Leather has been used in its sole.


Whole Sandal Full Of Shimmering Stone:

Whole sandal is full of shimmering stone. Elastic has been used for its closure It has a double sole. Stunning stones are also used in its heel which is giving a mind blowing touch. it has a latest design. Majority bridals select such types of sandal.


Shoe Designed By Thread:

Its silver color gives comfort to the eyes. It looks marvelous to look at the sight. It has an open round toe. It is designed by thread which is scattered on the whole sandal. Leather has been used in its lower portion.


Heel Is Made Of Tiny Shining Stone:

The entire sandal is made of beautiful stones which give a mind blowing scene. It is a closed toe sandal. Its heel is superb. It heel is also made of tiny shining stone. Its design is remarkable.