Girls like to wear sexy heel on parties, college functions or formal functions. Simple and decent shoes more like than fancy stunning shoes. Here, we are going to introduce you about size 11women’s heel. Modish and stylish girls always like shoes with high heel. But girls should choose this heel that keep them comfortable and save them any injury.

Some shoes are hard due to this your foot will be swell. Smart girls that keep their body athletic and fit can wear size 11 heel easily. Here is a wide of variety of shoes (size 11 heel). Red, black, grey, brown, silver and many other colors are including in this collection.

Design of heels and shoes are tremendous and gorgeous. Some of them are made with leather and shinning sheet. Some shoes are decorate with laces design,clip etc. Size 11 heels are in boyh designs.

(simple or printed). Some shoes with size11 heel cover your complete foot and some are  just cover your fingers. In this style and heel size some shoes are with stylish straps  or others without straps. You can pick shoes with size 11 heel according your choice and wits.

amazing Size 11 Heels shoes 2014

beautiful Size 11 Heels 2014

beautiful Size 11 Women Heels shoes