The summer season is going on and on the people are really very excited about the new trend and the styles because a girl wants to something new and unique which give her a unique and different look from the others .

when we talk about the dresses then no one fashion is same as just like the previous year same like the dresses the footwear are not also same like the dresses. Dresses and shoes make your personality complete  if these are according to the time and trend because.

if we wear so fancy and high heel shoes on the death of someone it look so odd and if on the wedding we wear flat and simple footwear it look so  peculiar .flat shoes remain good  with the casual wears , semi formal parties , get to gather and some street style look in the summer.

You want to go on the beach for trip and enjoying climate of there then flat shoes are best  it is available in different styles and work colorful and the attractive  shoes are here select for your summer season.

Pom pom lace embellished sandal:

1. New trendy flat footwear for summer

In the summer the light but colorful and sparkling things are inn so the orange and blue color sandal Gota embellished sandal with the pom pom lace on the upper strap of the shoes with the feta Moroccan and sitara style is looking nice on it the tussles in the steel style are used with the fringes back strap flat sandal is looking gorgeous you can wear it in the mehandi functions with your kurtas and jeans and the Capri with the same color nail paint.

 Cage style golden sandal:

2. New trendy flat footwear for summer

In the cage style the gladiators are the also used by the girls because in it the feet remain cove from the sun burn and it is very comfortable the sparkling golden color strappy back cage style sandal flat is looking so beautiful you can wear it with your boyfriend jeans, stripped pants and crop pants in the summer with it apply the light color nail paint like peach, pink and sky blue for the awesome look.

Pearl embellished sandal:

3. New trendy flat footwear for summer

Skin and nude shaded sandal and flat shoes remain trendy in the summer season because in these shoes you feel less irritation with your shorts and the cigarette pants carry the pearl embellished sandal pearl look so nice because it is so precious strap back pearl sandal look nice with all the trousers, pajamas and tights apply the dark color nail paint with this sandal because the sandal color is very light for the get together parties, casual functions and the semi formal party carry this sandal and enjoy the functions.

Colorful stud embedded shoes:

4. New trendy flat footwear for summer

In the summer the kurtis and the tunic are carried in so many colors and styles because summer brings  lots of colors and print so with the simple dress carry this colorful sandal  colorful strappy sandal  stud embedded is looking very attractive it can go with every color dress  with the tights , rough jeans and the  street style look wear this sandal and go  it is very comfortable and give you a perfect summer look.

Flat heel casual sandal:

5. New trendy flat footwear for summer

In the summer when you have the holidays from the school and colleges you want to spend your days on the hilly places and the resorts so for the visiting you should wear the flat and simple  shoes that give you comfortable walk  so the brown, skin  and black color casual  sandal is looking so decent the boho girls can also wear it and the  girls can carry it in the semi formal functions And casually with the skin and the mustard shaded nail paints.

Flat pumps in pink:

6. New trendy flat footwear for summer

Some ladies carry the close shoes in the summer also  because they can’t carry the sandal and strappy shoes the working ladies and the senior ladies who want to something casual look they can go with the pumps and these pumps can be wore in any color style but here the pink color tie embellish shoes are looking beautiful with your short frocks, mini skirt and the crop pants carry the flat pumps and go .