Spring statement sandals for ladies

Spring is beautiful and charming season of the year and in this season people feel freshness due to the flowers blooming in this season and everywhere you can see beautiful and colorful flowers.  Spring season comes after winter and people start to enjoy light clothes and open sandals. Here, we are going to share with you statement ladies sandals for spring season. Numerous variety of spring sandals like pumps, cutouts, colorful loafers, chunky platforms and many others founded in the markets when this flowers season start. But statement sandals are entirely different from others. Statement shoes are hot, hot and hot collection for spring season. Statement shoes are such shoes that really make a statement. These feet wear are pieces of art which are exquisite and eye-catching for those persons who pass from way they stop and stare their statement shoes. Here you can see numerous varieties of statement sandals for spring season.

Round pillar heel girls’ sandal

1 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (1)

This orange color high rounded heel sandal looks gorgeous and extraordinary charming.  Orange color is bright and elegant color.  This sandal has three straps toe strap, foot upper strap and ankle strap. Ankle strap and heel is printed from floral prints.

Stiletto heel ladies shoes

2 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (2)

This stiletto heel shoes made with black leather and garnished with white pearls and stones. The pair of these shoes looks stunning and startling. Black color sandal can be wear with many dresses.

Knitted style pumpy

3 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (3)

In this picture, you are seeing skin color tiny knitted style pumpy. The style of this feet wear is very comfortable and easy to wear. This light co0lor pumpy embellished with colorful beads and crystals.

Printed sandals for girls

4 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (4)

This sandal made with floral printed leather and has high heel with ankle cover and open toe style.  This pair of feet wear is best for spring season.

Open peep toe high heel

5 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (5)

This elegant sandal wears by modish and trendy girls. The style of this sandal is open peep toe, full foot green color leather cover, ankle back side laces and golden pencil heel.

Wedge heel ladies feet accessory

6 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (6)

This wedge heel sandal is very comfortable for walking especially for fat ladies. This sandal has white and black color with lining designs, open toe and ankle straps. This sandal can be wear for parties or school functions.

Stylish ankle shoes

7 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (7)

This shoe has yellowish gold color, high heel and stylish ankle. Ankle adorned with same shoe color ruff and looks marvelous and fabulous.

beak style ladies feet wear

8 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (8)

This sandal has an exclusive style. Beak style black color toe, white sole and heel and white thin ankle strap included in this ladies feet wear. White and black color unique style this sandal looks stunning and gorgeous.

black and golden color female shoes

9 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014 (9)

This shoe has a golden color high heel, inverted commas style print and golden color piping. This shoe is best for parties or wedding ceremonies and you can wear this with many dresses.

Square pillar heel feet wear

10 Statement Shoes For Spring 2014

In this picture, you are seeing light blue color sandal which seems so much beautiful and this is perfect pair of feet wear in spring season. This shoe has a beautiful bow with same shoe print on the toe.