Women like to wear heels as it not only gives elongated effect to those who have short height but it also give grace to their overall personality. Women walk very gracefully wearing heels. Not only in wedding functions but also in everyday life when going outside for casual or formal occasion, women like to wear heels.

Now glitter heels are in fashion and they look very prominent and stylish because of their glittering effect. Whatever the color of the shoes is the glitter looks nice upon them in every way. Some women would think that these shoes in glitter can be worn in weddings or party only but besides wedding function these shoes are also available in such simple yet stylish form that it can be worn in casual meetings and at the time of outgoing too.

Gold and silver color shoes;


Gold and silver shoes can be worn on weddings to give complete complement to your dress. Not necessarily with wedding dresses that are embroiled fully but also these shoes can be coupled with denim and shirt that must give the touch of such work that go perfect with golden or silver color. But to wear high heels first you need to have immense confidence because at the last what count the most that how did you carry yourself.

In the picture golden color sandals are in pure golden color with glittering heels. The pure color is making the shoes worth to wear with jeans or pants but glittery effect of heels is giving it another dimension. While silver shoes are having glitter on front side and at the edges of the shoes and are wearable with white or silver costumes.

Street shoes with glitter heels;


In winter these silver shoes will look very classy upon you when you are going outside for window shopping. These are casual street shoes that can match to any outfit. The upper part is made up of suede while chunky heels fully glittered are making these shoes a perfect thing to buy and wear in streets or in casual functions. These can be paired with denim or skinny pants. Young girls will feel immense confidence and relaxation in these shoes because of fabrics and medium square sized heels.

Glitter shoes for bridals;


Besides white shoes with lace embellished with pearls and beads, the western bridals can consider these shoes that are available in glitter form. These shoes with sling back heels will add elegance to your whole appearance. These sandals can be worn with gown or white frocks even after the marriage going to some special occasion. The shoes are glittered from front lower side and back side till the heels. Shoes are exuding very rich look with cream color at the upper part.

Shoes in multiple shades;

5. fabulous glitter heels for women  (2)

There is an advantage of selecting shoes in multiple colors that you can match these shoes with different costumes of different hues. In the given picture a very stylish sandal has been shown that is in three colors blue, golden and shocking pink. These shoes are for parties or wedding functions as they are looking very glamorous and dazzling. IN east countries women can wear these shoes with lehenga, saree, churidar pajama and other fancy outfits. These stillottes are best option for you to wear to grab every one’s attention.

Pointed pumps;


These are very modish and stylish shoes to wear either on party or at any casual event. Strap heels will make your feet look lovely and awesome. Sky blue from front side and golden at the back is making it worth to wear in parties or wedding functions. Furthermore these pumps are wearable with frocks, jeans and skirts etc to give tremendous look to you overall attire.