HY! Are you getting married soon? Having your groom a short height then you? Are you making the preparations for the wedding day? & worried about that you looking taller than your groom? Don’t you worried about the short height of your groom. Here we have some simple and easy tips for looking tall of short groom.

Let’s have a look to theses as:
1.    Tall bridal looking as equal as groom on wedding day, must wearing the ballet shoes in flat with matching wedding dress.
2.    Tall bridals not wearing the high updo hair style on wedding day. This step also effect to look equal as groom.
3.    Short groom wearing the height elevator shoes n the wedding day.
4.    Short grooms are also wear the double sole height elevator leather shoes with dress on the wedding day to seem for the equal height with bridal.
5.    Ballet flats shoes for bridals and height elevator shoes for groom also comfortable for the dance. They can easily and fast dance to one another.
ballet flats for bridals elevator hieght shoes for groom flat shoes for bride SUNDAYAGE-AGE Shoes for a tall bride and short groom