0. tips forwearing  high heel

There are  many things which are connected with the  body of the man  because  this man  is made with the mixture of bones and  the   clots  so you  should be take  care of  your body  because it is the demand of the body,  in our body different    body parts have made which  do their work  and it is a machine and wants to take rest   after doing long work  so here we are talking about the feet of  us that should be comfortable and   in the relaxation  mood when you are   sleeping then  you should massage your  feet   because it  finishes your all  tiredness and  fatigue which is  due  to the work of your whole day .

There are many  shoes  which are present in the  world which is in trend and fashion you  can carry it with your different dresses  and in the heel many designs are  common as just like that  sling out ,wedges, sttilloutttes  over sky heel  are common among the girls but  the girls who carry the over sky  they should be  keep attention toward  their feet . our feet  always remain in work   means the walking of you  go on and on   so you should select such chapel   which are good for your personality.

Select a good heel:

The fat ladies who have heavy hips they should avoid from the high heels because it can cause the  bone problems  always shopping your shoes in the  early morning because you are now fresh and active because  at the night when you go out for buying  your feet are too much swelled  and no one shoes  is easily  get from I have seen many girls who  carry the over sky heels it can damage  your bones  and sometime it become to the  joints problem  so when you are  going to buy new shoes then  keep in your  mind the  width of your feet.

Keep the cotton and   cushion inside the shoes:

When you keep the  cushion or the  layer of the   cotton in your shoes  then you feel comfortable because these  cotton  help them to save your bones and it protects your back bones , calf, knee and ankle  it will keep in their maintenance  when you wear   cushion inside your pair of shoes your  blood pressure level will be good  and your bony areas remain safe and healthy.

Give a rest:

If you are a worker  or the ladies who works for social the welfare  so she should also  do very running  then before the sleeping when you comes at home then   you should put out the high heel because  your feet is not too much heavy that  will take care of it   give your  feet some rest  now put out your heels an wear a flat  plastic  chapel it will give you comfort  you will feel that now you are in a  right place .

Suggested heels:

The fat and the wider  body   girls should carry the wider heels like wedge heel sandal , sling back ,cone heel and the  kitten heels because  it give their feet  the comfort  and relaxation  but the slim girls can go with the  pencil heel , sky over and the pointed heels   because you are smart and not  having too   much weight  so you can carry it but   not wear for many time  because it can  effected on the veins of the  feet  and your feet  an swell    so when you wear heel  then you should must do the massage.


The girls who are chubby and bulky feet  they should select such  sandal which are not too much  closed and not too much  high because  if they become more fat then it can be   caused the pained   for them  and if carry high heel then their hips  will be more prominent and the thighs are  feel pained at night  but if the smart girls carry the high heel  shoes then  they should also be beware about their  back because it can be fractured   and the backbone problem is also  due to  high heels.