Dolls for Little Girls:

Little girls always like to play with dolls. They like colorful, pretty, cute & beautiful dolls. If the birthday of your little baby girl is near then I think you should give her a lovely doll as gift. You can give the doll gift to your nephew also. It can be a best birthday gift for little girls. There are lots of designs & colors of dolls. Now the question arise what color, size & style of doll you should give to your beloved daughter, sister, nephew, cousin or friend? I am going to share some pictures with you; I hope you will like these ideas!

Barbie Doll Gift Idea:

0 beautiful barbie doll

First of all you should think about a Barbie doll because little girl like this doll very much. They like to play with a Barbie doll because it is one of the cutest & modish dolls. Into the above picture you can see a Barbie doll into a purple color sweetheart neckline knee length dress. This doll is looking very beautiful.

Plastic Dolls Gift:

1 latest dolls gift ideas

If you never know about the likes & dislikes of your friend or nephew then you should buy a packet of dolls. This packet can consist of three, four, six or even ten dolls. You can choose a bag which lies into your range. You nephew will like at least one or more dolls from this packet or bag.

Rag Dolls Gift:

2 dolls gift ideas

Look at these rag dolls. These are manufactured by using soft stuffs. Cotton stuff clothes with floral prints are looking very cute on these dolls. If your daughter never like plastic dolls then you can go with these soft stuff dolls.

Cinderella Doll:

3 cinderella doll

Cinderella is a famous character of a tale. This imaginative story is very much appreciated by the viewers, kids, & girls. So, choosing a Cinderella doll as gift for your little & beloved girl is the best idea.

Rapunzel Doll Idea:

4 Rapunzel  DOOL

Look at the Rapunzel, this doll is also a very popular character of a fairytale. Her step-mother is basically a witch. The story is really very good. Give a Rapunzel doll as gift plus tell her the story of Rapunzel, she will surely impressed & like your gift.

Dolls for Girls:

I hope you will like the dolls which are shown into the above pictures. All are dressed up very well. Mostly fair color dolls looks very nice with golden color hairs. Similarly the size of a doll depends on the age of the little girl whom you want to give this gift. Look at some more dolls which are shown into the following gallery. Hope that these will surely grab your attention!