You’ve probably been seeing the blanket scarf everywhere. Not only are they warm and cozy but they’re also a great way to get more mileage out of your fall wardrobe. These are great for layering and have been keeping one in my purse or car just in case you get chilly.



The scarf is made with wool, known for its exceptional quality, softness, and warmth. The fringed edges are finished by hand. Scarf is designed the amplified check pattern to be fully reversible giving you two ways to wear it.



If you’re in for the hottest trends, you probably got yourself one of those extra-cozy looking blanket scarves. Whatever the reason, those beautiful things are called blanket scarves for a reason. These scarves are perfect for an extra layer of warmth on top of your coat and that chic look.



Women use to try a lot of things and different kinds of clothing’s but the most modernistic things that almost suits all the ladies and also can be carried with all kinds of dresses even western or eastern are long scarves for women. This really trendy looking scarf complements your style statement as well as also took the place of long dupattas. These long scarves are easy to carry and also go with now a day’s fashion.