Special Eid Gift Ideas for Him:

In Islamic calendar I think Eid is the very best festival for people (it comes two times in an Islamic year). It is a festival that brings happiness & joy for everyone. Eid is usually celebrated for continous three days. On this festival people wear new clothes, footwear, they offer prayers in mosques & homes, they give gifts to each other, they invite their friends & relatives at their home for celebrating Eid parties & in short word on Eid there is lot of enjoyments for everyone.

As I said in the above paragraph that on this festival people usually like to give gifts to each other. But when we are selecting a gift for the other person then we usually keep the likes, dislikes, gender, age & some other factors into our mind. For example for kids we bought only those things which can inspire kids while for old people we choose a gift according to their taste.

Today, I bring the eid gift ideas for him. Yes, if you are not married yet but engaged then you will surely planning to buy a gift for your fiancé while if you are married then you want to give a very nice gift to your husband. In both cases this article will surely help you. You have plenty of options but keep in mind that you should always choose a gift that shows your love for him.

You can choose a perfume for him. But always go with her favorite fragrance. If you never aware from his likes & dislikes then you can go with a wrist watch. It is another best Eid gift idea. If he is a lover of IT products then on this Eid I suggest you to give him a latest mobile or ipad. You can also go with Eid day dress for him, special photo frame etc. A gold or silver ring is also best option. With a gift don’t forget to make a handmade card because it shows your endless love for him. A cake or sweets & a flower bouquet can add some more romance.

Eid Day Dress:

0 eid day dress


1 perfume


2 silver ring

Wrist Watch:

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4 sweets for eid

Red Rose Bouquet:

5 bouquet

Eid Cake:

6 cake for eid

Handmade Love Card:

7 card handmade for him


8 mobile

Flower Basket:

9 eid gift ideas for fiance (13)

Photo Frame:

10 photo frame

Ash Tray:

11 eid gift ideas for fiance (14)

Candle Holder:

12 eid gift ideas for fiance (1)

Wrap the Eid Gift Beautifully:

13 eid gift ideas for fiance (2)