Gift Table:

A table that is used for keeping gifts at various functions & parties is called a gift table. A gift table must be decorated beautifully & placed at an accurate place in order to attract & guide guests.  It is most widely used in birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas & lots of other parties.

Gift Table Decoration Ideas:

When you use a gift table in any party then you should be careful about its decoration.

1)    First thing that is very essential for gift table is the table cover. Go with the color of party theme when going to select a table cover.
2)    The second thing that you can use into the decoration is flower or a bouquet.
3)    The third is the usage of balloons into the table decoration.
4)    You can use various heights of three or more tables this will create a very good scene.
5)    You can place a frame with note “thanks”, it will leaves a mannered impression on your gusts.
6)    Add a money box on the gift table because some like to give money instead of gifts so don’t forget about the money box on the gift table.

Placement of Gift Table:

If the wedding is going to be held into an open place I mean into a garden then you can place the gift table in the same direction of the main place (where the wedding couple sits or the birthday boy or girl cake-table is placed).
The persons who are greeting or welcoming the valued or honored guest can also play a vital role in order to guide the gests by saying that “you can place your gift on the gift table that is at that place”.
If you are going to arrange a party into the inside part of your home then you can reserve a room for gifts. Decorate a table & keep it into the reserved room. On the door of this room you can hang a note board with the heading “gift table room”.  You can use various signs to let the guest know about the gift table.

Wedding Gift Table Decoration:

Gift table are mostly ignored into a wedding decoration but if we think deeply then it is very important into a wedding decoration. So whenever you are going to arrange your wedding ceremony then don’t forget to add a beautifully decorative gift table into your wedding ceremony. You get ideas from the following pictures plus as described into the above points.

Birthday Party Gift Table Decoration:

Birthday is a party in which guest never forget to bring gift for a birthday girl or boy because a birthday party is considered incomplete without gifts. So birthday gift table is very necessary part of this party so be careful about its decoration. Look into the following pictures in which birthday party gift tables are also included.

Anniversary Gift Table Decoration:

Yes, anniversary party & gift table are also related with each other. Don’t forget to use your couple photo frame on this gift table because it leaves a very good impression of your happy life on the guests. You can get ideas from the photos show into the last of this article.

Gift Table Decoration for Christmas:

When Christmas comes then it will also brings lots of gifts for children, boys, girls, men, women & every age of person. Christmas is considered incomplete without gifts. So when you are planning about the Christmas decoration then adds a gift table into this party because it is very necessary. Don’t forget to keep a very little or cute Christmas tree into the decoration of this Christmas gift table.

1 Baby Shower_gift table

2 new collection gift table