Different   stamped cards for different occasion


0. stamped cards for every ocassion

In this  modern age when all people are  busy in their personal activities because life is becoming  tough and  tough and time never wait for anyone it has wings  the technology period is   going on and so many technologies are introduced by the   scientist   where the   gift giving concept is finished  the people wishing the others on the mobile  phone ,messenger ,Facebook etc apps are used by the people and they live every time connect to their relatives.  It is fact that the cards were used to  say something to the other people  express  their feelings through the cards because the   emotions  which you  are feeling  easily available that stamped cards and the people  who like t give the cards to the others  how it can be possible that  they forget to give cards on every event  .Cards are not expensive  but it is good gift to give the other  so if you like the cards from true heart  then  you  must read this article.

0+ stamped cards for every ocassion

Anniversary stamped:

1. stamped cards for every ocassion

Red color is good choice to wish someone happy anniversary and  the stamped   red color card  with the rose flower  and green color  vines  with the white pearl and the ribbon  made anniversary stamped card is    made  to inspire by the vintage  ear. Give them this card and refresh their wedding memory in their heart and give a chance to smile.

Birthday wishing cards:

2. stamped cards for every ocassion

The day of birthday is special for everyone and  the  birthday person wants  to  enjoy the his day  with full of happiness  green and blue color contrasted card with  the  printed floral  pattern and  inside 3 pearls  are used which is making your card  beautiful it is stamped with  happy birthday. On his birthday card write  good quotation that will feel him /her  that  he or she is   valuable in your eyes.

Mother Day card:

3. stamped cards for every ocassion

Mother is the  precious person of our life because she loves her  offspring  very much and it is our duty  to give a  beautiful and nice  card to our mother  rather it should be that every day is  called mother day  maroon color with white dotted card  with a big flower  is stamped with the happy mother day. Some lovely quotations write on the mother day card that will feel your mother that you loves her a lot.

Valentine cared:

4. stamped cards for every ocassion

The day of lovers is celebrated on the 14 of august and it is very memorable day for the lovers red and white is the theme of Valentine ’s Day red color heart with the glittering touch and white ribbon card with the bows it stamped with the happy valentine’s day.  You can use the fancy lace inside of the card it is up to you.

Friendship card:

5. stamped cards for every ocassion

The best  and lucky persons those in this world  who has a loyal friend  then  select a colorful card for your friend with the stamp of good friendship on it block print  pattern  with the pink knot  and the  stamped that you want to say to your friend like  you are my world ,our friendship is   our whole world  these types of stamped  card can give your friend not only  friend’s day rather it can give her at any time.

Best wishes cards:

6. stamped cards for every ocassion

When your relatives and  close dear ones is going to  select a job or someone who’s  exams are near  or any new work which he want to  do start  can easily  give her/him  white Moroccan printed card with the stamp of best wishes  and the three colorful glittering flower pattern is giving that card decent look.

Missing cards:

7. stamped cards for every ocassion

White background with the black outline flower pattern is very gorgeous with the colorful centers   printed dots style  elegant card is very  outstanding for giving someone whose one  you have missed a lot  it can  be given to your boyfriend  if you are missing him and thinking him  a lot because he stamp thinking about  on the card  is expressing your  feeling  easily .

Sorry saying cards:

8. stamped cards for every ocassion

Man is the statue of mistakes   and you have done any mistakes then you want to say sorry to such person the mistake is with him/her  so buy a sorry saying  stamped card  with the sad faces and things that show the other  you are feeling guilty    the  dull color with the  autumn season  trees can  be good for saying sorry to the others  very simple just a  pastel  color ribbon with the so sorry stamped is  on  the card.


Cards should be  according to the  events because if you buy the cards  opposite to the event then it  can impact  on the others  badly and your feelings will also    insulted so for the  happiness events  buy the bold and dark color cards with good stamped and for the sad    moods  buy the cards in light and   soft colors with the good quotation that will  direct affected on the others heart.