Why, When, How & by whom Easter Festival is Celebrated?

I know that Easter festival always brings lots of enjoyment & happiness for people as well as for kids especially for the Christian community because it is basically a Christian festival that is celebrated annually in order to present an honor to Jesus Christ & his resurrection. No accurate date is assigned to this festival because it celebrated when there is full moon in the spring season. Mostly, it comes in between 21st March to 25th April. In 2016, it will be celebrated on 27th March in western countries while in eastern country that day is 1st May (the difference is due to the moon’s movement around the earth). So, I was saying that it is an event that always brings lots of joy & pleasure for the people. The week before Easter day is called Holy Week. People start their preparation almost 15 or 10 days before the Easter festival. People like to perform different church service. People try to decorate their homes & offices with spring season flowers. It is a festival when people like to cook delicious food items & they invite their friends, relatives, colleagues & neighbors on great meals. Of course, the guests always like to bring a gift for the hosts. Sometimes, hosts like to honor their guest by giving them precious gifts. So, in short words, on this upcoming Easter festival if you are invited on a party or you just want to give gift to your loved ones then don’t worry because I have very stunning & fabulous Easter gift ideas for you.

What Gift I should Buy for my Loved Ones on this Easter Festival?

Easter is a pretty important festival so I think on this event your gift should also be very cute & lovely. Furthermore, it is an event when flower start to blossom & these colorful flowers attract the butterflies. That’s why I choose Swarovski Crystal Butterfly as eastern gift. I mean you need to choose a gift that must include butterfly design. Secondly, if the butterfly is decorated with Swarovski Crystals then your gift will surely become a special one for the other person. But you may be thinking what style of gift you should choose that include Swarovski Crystal Butterfly design? Well, don’t worry, here are some ideas. Read carefully & then choose a right gift!

Easter Gift Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Key Holder, Window Charm & Room Chandeliers:

1 Easter Gift Swarovski Crystal Butterfly key holder

Easter gifts always promote love. So, it’s the right time to express your love for the other person by buying a nice butterfly gift. Here are some ideas. You can but a key ring that has a crystal adorned butterfly. This key chain will become an everyday use accessory for the other person whom you give as gift. You can also think about a window charm that has butterfly design. Whenever this charm will create noise then your loved ones will surely remember you. You can also think about a chandelier (that can hang with ceiling roof in to the middle of room) as Easter gift. Choose a chandelier that is made with Swarovski Crystal Butterfly. A Swarovski Crystal Butterfly hanging with a car’s rear view mirror can also become a best Easter gift. So, think about these all ideas.

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Jewelry as Gift for Her:

2 Easter Gift Swarovski Crystal Butterfly bracelet

Another amazing Easter gift idea is the purchase of jewelry piece that have a butterfly design. The butterfly should be decorated with Swarovski Crystals. If you want to give gift to a male then buy  bracelet for man because  I think butterfly design is closely related to women so if you want to give gift to a woman or girl such as to your wife, mother or sister then you have plenty of options such as you can go with necklace, earrings, bracelets etc.

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Brooches as Gift:


3 Easter Gift Swarovski Crystal Butterfly brooch

You can also buy Swarovski Crystal Butterfly brooches as gift. There are lots of designs. Why brooches as gift? Well, brooches have lots of uses such as a person can use it into their outfit décor when they want to go on a date, party, club night out, these can be used into hand or shoulder bag or clutch decoration or in jewelry décor as well as a person can use this accessory differently as he/she likes.

Easter Gift Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Decorative Ornaments:

4 easter gift swarovski Crystal Butterfly Figurine

Just buy a very artistically made piece of decoration or ornament in butterfly design. The Swarovski Crystal Butterfly ornament as shown above into the picture, can become a very unique decoration piece for home, people can use in it living room décor, table décor, bedroom side table or dressing table décor. It can also be kept on shelves.

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Rings:

5 Easter Gift Swarovski Crystal Butterfly ring
Ring as gift is an old idea but it is a heart touching idea & always works well. So, on this Easter give a Swarovski Crystal Butterfly design ring as gift. But the problem is that this idea is only for girls & women. Don’t worry, dear men it’s now your turn to make you wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, happy on this upcoming Easter festival by buying a stunning Swarovski Crystal Butterfly rings. I must say that all have great sparkle. Timeless Easter gift ideas!