Different and new cards for thanksgiving

0. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

Card making  is a good work and it develops a habit of creativity in you and the  many people like to exchange the gifts with their special ones and many people  which they had loved  but the cards are the best gift for them  because it looks so nice and the p\people keep it save in their cabinets  because other things which you give someone in gift  that can  be used by the others but  cards remain save  so make the cards for your special person   means if someone do your work then it is your duty to say thanks   and  try to help him/her at the timer of his/her need   but in this modern age  when technology is so fast p[people use the  social media and the others apps  they say thanks ,welcome ,sorry any greeting any news All are given through the  social  media  but the  place of cards never be end   because  cards have their own priority .Now a days the cards are  so much stylish  beautiful so stay with us and seethe  collection of cards which are  very nice.
0+ thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

Flower with bow:

1. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

The very decent color card  is looking very nice with the bow and the flowers made with the the  with the soft chart make the  tree ,s branches  and  then with the    card  flowers and paste it on the card and say thank you  through card to your  mother because it is decent color like your mother.

Nude color:

2. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

Nude color card  is looking very nice  and  the printing of brown big flower  is giving that card a stylish look it is very easy it can be made at home with little hard work.  This card is best for giving your grandmother if she has help you in your work and you have to thanks her because light color suit on their personality.

Rainbow style cards:

3. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

The colorful multi shaded card  is very  nice  on as hard card   with the soft stuff make a card and use the foamy  sheet and  write the thanks giving   words  the use of  beads and the motifs making your card  very attractive you can give this card  to  your friend  because girls like the bright color.

Spring season inspired:

4. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

Take a hard brown chart and use the ribbons with the plastic sheet made leaves and the metal button with printed leaf  say thanks and the quotation  and give it to your such friend who has helped you in the spring season and she want to go out in the spring season  so go on shopping and give her such card.

 White back ground card:

5. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

White background with the flowers  and the thanks giving  words are written on the  cards  it  can be given to  your sister if she has helped you  and you like  her  help and  contribution in the  work  so if you want to  write sister quotation on the cards then it look more gorgeous you can make  the background any other  light color if you have spare buttons in your room then you can paste it by yourself in the house.

Antique style card:

6. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

Some people are inspired from the old styles and antique is old but it  is so precious  then maroon and skin color card with the green leaf and the  brown bow with the antique button  with the antique style thanks this card is best for the  boyfriend to say him thanks  for the  giving gifts at the  cost of her gifts you can give this card with you’re a lot of feelings.

Heart flower cards:

7. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection

Heart flowers  butterflies  thank you card   with the violet ,pink ,green ,blue ,yellow ,  and orange with the white back ground write thank you and give it to your father because4 you love your  father very much and they have the permission you to go  out and enjoy for thanks giving of you father this card is  fabulous .


when you are going to purchase the cards then keep in the mind the styles and the color of the cards whenever you have need to give cards anyone then make at home with spare things   and give it to the others on different events it will give you a pleasure and the receiver will also feel joy and praise your creativity.
8. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection 9. thanksgiving cards new and stylish collection