Newest hair styles for school going girls

Hair style immense affects our beauty of face, suitable and endearing hair style furnishes jazz up beauty same as scattered ruff hairs make your face uninteresting. At this present time, I am going to share latest classy hair styles and diverse braids for school going girls.

You should change your hair style after few months because same face becomes bore for viewers so, we are bringing top 10 best and superb hair styles for school going girls. Let see below and learn how you can enhance your grace of face.

Katniss braid for long hair

1 braid for school hair style

This girl has long shiny brown hairs which she organized from sides in small three strands braid and back long draping hairs bound with stretchy band and control these in Katniss braid form.

Loose fish tail hair style

2 cute and easy hair style

Tight fish tail mostly applies on back long tails but now you can enjoy this classy hair style on top hairs in loose form that looks superb.

Fish trail in rolling style

3 douuble fish tail hairstyle

In this above image, you can see that a fairy girl put together her hair at one side of shoulder and partitioned in two parts. Then made two fish tails and collected these in rolling form and edges controlled with band.

Waterfall braid for modish girl

4 easy braid for school girl

It is a fact that when you see water fall braid, you will think that it is complicated and hard to make by yourself. But your image is not accurate; this is classy and superb tail that you can make with a little practice and attention. If you know to design French tail, then it is easier for you.

Twisted hair style for school girl

5 easy hair style for long hair

Twist braid is extremely chic and charming hair design that is suitable almost every face shape. Here, young girl is enjoying twist hair braid at the top. That exudes impressive look.

 Twisted ponytail for fresh hair

6 easy hair style for school girl

Twisted pony tail is easiest and chic way to enjoy your fresh silky hair. In this case, you should partition your hair from back and then twisted both sides of the head. After doing tight assemble then with stretchy band.

Long curly hair in ponytail

7 easy style for long hair with light crul

Whenever, you go suddenly in the meeting then a best and easiest way to arrange your long hair is ponytail. That save your time and also provide a charming modish look.

Bob cut hair style for school girl

8  bob hair style

Mostly, school girls prefer bob cut hair style that they can arrange by own hands in few minutes. This short hair style is most appropriate for school hostel girls.

Short hairs with ribbon band

9 shoulder lenght bob hair style for school girl

Little girls those are mostly 5 to 8 years old, they have short hairs and enjoy small straight hair with front ribbon band.

Side partition braid hair style

10 using pin hair style

Wao! this looks too much nice and pretty and best for party or wedding occasions. Took hair in side partition form and make fish tail from front hairs and end with beads.