Stylish & Gorgeous sleek ponytail hairstyles with fringe are back in this season. Fringe is, on the whole, a haircut given to the hairs & the position where it lays is the forehead. Fringe is also famous by the name of bangs. While the sleek hairs means straight hairs. Ponytail is a hairstyle in which all hairs are pulled at the height of crown or at the back neck in order to make a pony & various clips & elastic bands are used for making ponytail. In short words when pony of sleek hairs with fringe haircut is made then it is called sleek ponytail hairstyle with bangs.

So, you can come across with several fringe hairstyles from this article & following gallery. These hairstyles are perfect for college going girls, office going women, working females & also perfect for parties, formal functions etc.

You can explore lots of hairstyles in the picture album given below. Various options can be used when you are going to adopt this hairstyle, for example you can make a tight as well as loose ponytail, you can make a high (on the head) as well as low (on the back neck) ponytail & you can also keep your ponytail at front side of your one shoulder. Look & Try!

Topic: Hairstyles
For: Girls
Name of hairstyle is: Sleek Ponytail with Fringe
Perfect for: Formally as well as casually

Hana-Mae-Lee-Ponytail-With-Blunt-BangsChristinaAguilera Sleek ponytail with fringe jessica-simpson-ponytail