Lea’s full name is Lea Michele Sarfati. She was born in 19 Aug 1986. She is famous actor, dancer, singer and writer. She has known for her best performance as Rachel Berry on the Fox television. She has won many awards in her life. She is a famous and talented girl. Today, we are going to sharing you Lea Michele Hairstyles. Lea hairstyles are unique and beautiful.

Firstly, you should soft and dry hair for making hairstyle. Lea hairstyles consists on various styles like draped hair over one shoulder, long layers cut down the front and sided, layers cut around the sided and back curling hair, long dark  brunette locks  are braided all through the neck, bob style forehead cutting hair with both sides draped layer cut hair, bob style with straight brown hair etc.

Straight and curling hair also added in these hair styles. Golden, brown, black and mustard hair colors including in this collection. Some hair styles are with two hair colors. Lea has many fans and her fans try to copy that what she does. Now, you can easily copy your hair style.

2014 collection Lea Michele Hairstyles

beautiful Lea Michele Hairstyles

bob style Lea Michele Hairstyles