Curls and ringlets add extra romance to your hair style. The curled hairs are suitable for any special occasion and are especially gorgeous look for bridesmaids or prom. Romantic curls are perfect look for special and formal events.


This hair style a bit frivolous and romantic. Slightly curls in hair possible only longer hair. This hair style visually increase amount of hairs. To make this hair style is well behaved stylist will have to use tiaras or crown for define the beauty of bridal. You will try to achieve the desired effect. You have the opportunity to dream up and beautify decaying curly hairs. Most of hairs in loose curls on top of the head to down shoulder.


This hot curl hair style most of hair in loose curls on the top of the head to down shoulder. Here straight hair is teased in to a high volume crown, tiaras, flowers or hairpins. Long curled hairs cascade down in coils. These beautiful bridal curls polished you look.


Very beautiful ringlets hair for bridal and apply for formal or casual wear. The ringlets are a charming and high volume alternative to curls. For an extra special touch try adding flowers and tiaras or crown in hairstyle.