In this fashionable and modish era blunt bangs have been admired by majority of girls who always remain in search of newness and novel ideas relating to their personal makeover. Blunt bangs are hottest and chic hairstyle in the genre of hairdos.

Straight hair of black color if be given blunt bangs then no one can prevent oneself from the spectacle of glorious look of hairs. Blunt bangs hairstyle opted by square shape face enhances the credibility of such personality who maneuvers this blunt bang hairstyle with long hair.

If you apply any hair color suited to your personality with the application of blunt bangs then the appealing of your facial structures becomes enhanced.  Blunt bang hairstyle not only looks very charming and attractive with straight hairs but if this very hairdo is utilized with curly hair then your rule over the hearts of people can never cease.

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blunt bang two shaded hairs

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