Summer Hairstyles:

At the arrival of summer season, mostly women need some exclusive ideas on hairstyles. They want to know what hairstyle they should make. Mostly, women & girls mostly need those hairstyles which sweep away all of their hairs from their neck because neck is the part which is mostly affected from the hot of summer season. Sometimes, allergic diseases, mostly on sensitive skin, arise.

Braid Roll:

Here I am going to share an exclusive hairstyle with you. Yes I am talking about the “Braid Roll” as the name shows that it all about a roll or updo which is generally made by using a braid of hairs. Braid roll controls all of your hairs in a very easy way & stops irritation which occurs due to hotness & hairs on the neck part.

Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hairs:

The Braid Roll hairstyle is also perfect for those women who have long hairs because long hairs take a lot of time to make a hairstyle. Braid roll is not only easy to make but also looks very impressive when made with long hairs.

How to Make a Braid Roll:

Mostly, before making a roll of hairs, the braid is made at first. Sometimes only one braid is made & then roll it into the form of an updo whether at back of head or at the side of side of head (one side braided roll). Most of stylists present a number of ideas on how to make braided roll into various ways. Another idea is to diver your hairs into four or five section. Now, you can make a braid of each section. Now these all braids are used for making a braid roll as it is shown into the second picture.

Braid Roll Picture Gallery:

For further ideas you can check out the following picture gallery. Hope that these pictures assist you more. You can let me know with you feedback too about this article & picture gallery!


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