Bob shoulder length this hair style in jet-black with bangs is marvelous and glorifying the attraction of its holder. This hair style with silky and fine hairs is mind blowing and is the evidence of modern look of model.
This crop golden haircut with bangs and highlights is nice hairdo. From above part hairs are in straight shape and from bottom these are in concave and wavy contour. If it has been given neatly cut then the grace of personality and hairs become elevated.

It’s a classy and tasteful hairdo that is becoming the most favorite and desired among girls. Bob from chin to shoulder length carrying bangs is an exclusive hairstyle that is ruling over the hearts of ladies.
It’s a nice and delicate bob hair style with bangs. The styles of bangs are increasing in the array of hairdos. Bob cutting is suitable with any facial features and so the addition of bangs in crop color is making you darling and sweetheart for your observers.


Bob-with-bangs-2013 (1)

Bob-with-bangs-2013 (2)

Bob-with-bangs-2013 (3)