Do-it-yourself Hairstyles:

Every girl wants to know various hairstyles which are easy to make. It means those hairstyles which they can make own self. There is an endless list of hairstyles which are not only easy to make but also looks very impressive. Basically, a hairstyle depends on the length or volume of hairs such as braided hairstyles are only perfect for the long or full of volume hairs. Similarly the curly hairstyle is proper for those women who have less volume o hairs.

French Braid Hairstyle:

If we specially talk only about the braided hairstyle then the Dutch braid, simple braid, fishtail braid & French braid etc are common.  But here our discussion is only limited to the French braid. A braid which is usually made by using four strings of hairs at various parts of head is called a French Braid.

How to make a French Braid:

For making a French braid you have to follow these steps;
1)    Shampoo your Hair.
2)    Dry your hairs either air dry or by using hair dryer.
3)    Brush your hair.
4)    Hold some hairs into your hand from the area of head from where you want to make a French braid (crown area or forehead area etc).
5)    Now divide these hairs (which you already hold into your hand) into three equal parts.
6)    Start from making a simple braid.
7)    After two or three twists, now hold some hairs (a fourth string of hairs) either from the right side or left side. If you choose the fourth string from the right side then add this fourth string of hair to the left side string or vice versa.
8)    Repeat this again & again.
9)    French braid is ends & secure your braid by using elastic band.

French Braid along Forehead:

I this collection you can explore the French braid along forehead hairstyle. In this hairstyle the hairs are usually selected from the forehead part & then a French braid is created. For making a forehead French braid you can get assistance from the pictures.

French Braid Bun:

A bun can also be made by using French raid hairstyle idea as shown into the picture gallery. This hairstyle is perfect for the formal parties & dinners.

Backward French Braid:

This French braid is usually starts from the crown area of head. It is a perfect hairstyle for those women who have full of volume & long hairs especially in summer season.

Simple French Braid Hairstyles Pictures:

Check out the following pictures of French Braid Hairstyles. I strongly hope that you will like this galley. All French Braid Hairstyles are easy & simple. Formal & casual both types of hairstyles ideas are here.

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