Fashions of haircuts & hairstyles are short-lived; it goes on to change with the passage of time. Now a day, everyone knows about the fringe hairstyle because the fashion of this hairstyle is becoming very popular among the girls & women. Mostly people are in search of the new, dashing, stylish & elegant ways about this fringe hair cut. So, for the purpose of your assistance here I am going to present some images of fringe cut.

Basically, fringe is a haircut in which hairs are cut in such a way that its covers your forehead or the left side or the right side of your forehead. In other words we can say that fringe means a row of short hairs on the front or any other side (left or right) of the forehead. It is also called bang.

Look & get interesting ideas about this haircut. You can find asymmetric, colored, curly, layered, short, long & swift styles of fringes in the pictures that are shown below.

Topic: Fringe Hair Cut
For: Women & Girls
Styles: Dashing, Asymmetric, Colored, Curly etc

Asymmetric-Fringe hairstyle