“Wheel” can never reinvent in this era, but you can apply and use this method in your hairs makeover, like you can make bun whether front or bock for the change of your persona, the girls who have long tresses and locks, and get rid from all old hairstyle and look different in overcoming party or gathering so,
You should think about the unusual and unconventional style which could draw others absorption upon your unforgettable lock style.
Girls! You should not to be confused now, we are going to present for you exceptional hairstyle in the form of wheel, this is a front bun hairdo style, this hair style is too much appropriate for modish and styli girls. Let’s learn to this hair style. First of all, you should combing your entire hairs swiftly, 3 to 4 times do combing at the front hairs and starting to folding your whole tresses you make a front bun at the front of the locks, then covered with  stunning beads, or hair pins, you also make a bun in the form of braids.

You also can embellished your front bun hairdo with, stylish and sparkling brooches, pins, beads, fur and much more, and it would be perfect for night and energetic day outings.

Anthology:  “Hair style”
Style:   “Front bun hair do”
Ready for:  Stylish and modish girls
Perfect for;   In parties and gatherings




wedding-hairstyle front