Chinese Hairstyles:

We talk about China & its culture then I think the usage of chopstick is one of the most popular & famous cultural traditions of china. They like to pick up various items of food by using these chopsticks. Chop sticks are basically 5 to 9 inches long sticks with pointed edges.

These sticks are not only used to pick up the food but also used to eat food such as Chinese use these sticks even for eating rice. Is it interesting? Yes of course it is, furthermore these sticks are used into different hairstyles.

A lady use one or a pair of chopstick into her hairstyle, then it looks very beautiful & stunning. These sticks increase the beauty of the hairstyle. So here, today, we are also going to discuss about the Chinese hairstyles. Hopefully, you will like these ideas. Have a look!

Chopstick Bun:

1 beautiful hair style with chopstick

Check out this hair bun that is simple made by using single chopstick. First of all you need to make a ponytail & then keep a chopstick on the top of ponytail. Divide your ponytail into two equal parts & then roll one part around the chopstick. Now roll another part around the chopstick & your hair bun is ready.

Chopstick Pompadour:

2 traditional hair style with chopstick

If you are planning to go on a party then create this chic pompadour hairstyle by using chopsticks. It’s looking extra stylish & perfect for the girls who want something creative & rebellious.

Chopstick Ponytail:

3 polytail with chopstick

It is one of the easiest & simplest hairstyle that can be created only in some seconds. Make a ponytail & add a chopstick into the ponytail as shown into the above picture. Perfect hairstyle for teenage girls!

Braided Bun Adorned with Chopsticks:

4 braided with bun

This is a braided bun that is adorned with sky blue color two chopsticks.

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles for Ladies:

Hair sticks looks more elaborative & beautiful into hairs. In china, mostly all ages of ladies from teenage to old use these sticks into their hairstyles. These chopsticks add graceful & stunning effect into your hairstyle. You can find out colorful as well as decorative chopstick into the market. Fancy sticks can be used when you want to attend a wedding function, party & dinner. Explore some more hairstyle that are adorned with chopsticks!