Casual, curly down wedding short hair style. It’s charming and very classic for special occasion. This can also work for long wavy hair. Every woman wants to seem glamorous and beautiful. The hair style is also count the beauty of your face so, first you should exam your hairs are thy long or short and whose style would be perfect on your face. Than you can apply a suitable hair style according to the length of your occasion and the shape of your face.


Loose long curly hair style with half pony tail best suited for prom and weddings. This hair style will bring your natural beauty to the forefront. People will notice your best features and skip over the blemishes. The pony tail is hair pulled back and tied with the back. This hair style makes it easier to find the best long hair style. Hair pins on your hair gives a great impression for your beauty.


Anyone with the naturally curly hairs would be agreeing. There are many machines for the straight the hair such as those women whose have straight hair keen of curly hairs can apply many creams and hair curled machine. Curled hair have it’s owe look. Curly hairs give us a distinctive look. This style is half up do curly hair style. Curled hairs up to down shoulder with the glittered hair pin flowers are engraved in hairs.


Excellent wavy, feather, loose curl hair style is best for the bridal on that day. You can also color of your hairs which you want. It’s beautiful and has a romantic look. Hair style show off your beauty. Long curly hair style focuses attention to your shoulder. This hair style also makes it feasible for you to bring your attention to earrings and then necklace.