Hairs are one’s personal property and one does with them as one’s likings and tastes. One also has taken care of the facial features while giving cut to hairs. Blunt cut suits to square shaped face and this hair cut on long hairs looks very charming and glorious.


In this blunt hairdo hairs are kept in uniform length and hairs remain in balance. The length of hairs on forehead has been kept just over eye. This is equally suitable for short and long hairs. Naomi model in this blunt hair cut is looking hottest and has won the appreciations of audiences.


Taylor in this blunt hair cut is displaying the fact that this blunt cut suits to only square shape only and girls with long face would not make mistake to do the experiment with their hairs in this blunt cut.


The smile of young Taylor is giving the impression that she is feeling very comfortable in this blunt cut long hair and is scattering the glowing of her pretty face cut in this appropriate blunt cutting. After seeing these pictures of blunt cut long hair girls would head to salon for having this hairdo.