Where there are long locks, there is ultimate charm of fetching hairstyles. It’s your plus feature that you are blessed by long tresses and get ready to give a new go for wedding looks. Long hairs always do something more romantic and gorgeous for brides that is why we have listed up hairstyles which always on the go for modern brides these days.

Long locks have a big margin for brides to turn them into interesting and most desirable looks. We never found time where long hairstyles had no elegance; in fact the long wedding hairstyles are ever green because of its ultimate lure.

These days, curly manes are the upfront hairstyling not only among brides but the celebrities too that is why we have inspiration about all wavy hairstyles which are giving the main spotlight to brides 2016.

Before going to any hairstyle on special day, brides must look for the eminent saloon where the special services have been given to modern brides. Check out their work and ask to hairstylist which kind of hairstyle you want in your wedding.

For more details you can show him the pictures we have given below through which the idea would get clearer. Well we have given here totally different hairstyles that are the most favorite of modern brides.

Long wavy hairstyle with hair accessories:


Basically the bridals are giving attention to get fancily styled hair accessories but with having great look curls. Whether you go with heavy curls or the natural waves let the hairs open by styling embellished pins, comb or tiaras. Look for your face shape and then decide if mid parted or side swept hairs are best suited to you.

Twisted half up and down hairstyle:


Well, the half up and down hairstyles are always the top listed which every bride dreams for. We have enlisted here the twisted half up and down hairstyle inspiration for long hair brides. If you don’t want to go with open and the up do’s then the option of half up hairstyle is readily fit. The advantage of such hairstyle is that you can have it with any kind hairstyle whether a ball gown, short dress or the mermaid gown.

Long hair curly up do’s:


Log hairs give you chance to have a fully described fancy up do that can balance up your face features and also the look of wedding day. The two hairstyles inspiration is for brides who can go with bouffant and the curly manes up do, on the other hand thick curled up do have braided effects to front of forehead which is fascinatingly a cool transforming of hairstyle.

Bohemian long wavy hairstyle idea:


Most of designers have true motivation for bohemian brides that is why pulling out the hairstyle ideas for wedding is really wonderful thing. Basically you have chance to accessorize these locks with fancy or natural detailed accessories. try to open up the wavy hairs and wear flower crown according to your dress demand, however the fancily embellished hair comb and pins are also amazing.

Rapunzel inspired long curls hairstyle:


These days the bridal hairstylists are more interested in giving the fluffy twists to curls. For this purpose the hot and most favorite hairstyle of brides is the Rapunzel inspired that give the same princess like look to brides. You can style the traditional accessories but the same floral embellishments to long locks would be a chic way of giving twist to wedding hairstyle.