One of the very basic hairstyles, especially for long hairs, is the wavy hairstyle. The wavy style is easy to made & easy to carry if you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, party, a night function & a get to-gather at your relative or friend’s house. Especially those women who have long hairs can adopt this style.

Let me tell you some tips about how can make waves on your hair at your home. Firstly & more importantly the washing of hair before making any tresses style is very necessary. Then dry your hair with the help of towel & comb them. Now for the purpose of creating waves in hair various products are available in the market such as gel, curling machine, rolls & hair spray. You should also remember that heat & electronic equipments such as curling machine requires a lot of time in order to create waves in hairs. Now it’s up to you which product suits your hair best. You can make loose curls as well as layered curls.

The girls who have thick hairs can also go with this hairstyle. In the following gallery you can see various celebrities & models pictures with curly or wavy hairstyle.

Topic: Hairstyles
Style: Wavy, Curly, Layered and Flaxen

Long-wave-flaxen hair