If you are going to render your hairs stylish and elegant look then you have to take care of your face cut and facial features. Either you chose v shape, u shape, or any other shape but it should compliment with your face and it will highlight your grace and delicacy. V-cut hair from all angles embellishes those hairs that have crooked nose and somewhat slender face. This layered v- shape from front side is harmonizing the face of model as she has nice features relative to cutting.

layered style v cut hairs with curls


This long layered v-cut from all angles is captivating and forces the girls to render this very shape as it offers new and fresh look to hairs and need not too much of wasting of hairs in opting this v shape.


v- Cut hair from back side is maintaining the charm of personality of those girls who provide their hairs v-shape from back. Who would observe hairs from back in this shape would be entangle in their beauty and loveliness.


V-cut hairs form all angles whether these are from back, front and from all sides bestow hairs and facial features delicate glance. With v-shape if you colored your hairs in nice color then it will outshine not only hairs but your personality also on any party or function.