Party & Casual Hairstyles:

Girls if you wear a stylishly designed dress, a pair of designer footwear, classic jewelry & makeover but left your hair untouched then tell me how you will look? Yes you will look very messy & gauche, so we can say that without proper hairstyle you all effort will go in vain. So, you should be alert about a suitable hairstyle whether you are going outside in your casual dress or you want to attend a party in your formal outfit. Don’t worry, today, I am going to share some very carefully selected hairstyle ideas with you. These hairstyles are just perfect for casual goings as well as formal events. All are easy to make. Your age never matters you can choose any hairstyle. I am going to share top 10 hairstyles. Let’s have a look!

Braided Ponytail:

1 top 10 girls hair style for party

Check out this one o the easiest ponytail hairstyle. Just make a simple but loose braid from the top of head (crown part) & then convert this braid into the ponytail from the nape part.

Roll-up Hairstyle:

2 top 10 girls hair style for party (2)

For making this hairstyle you just need to pick some stands of hair firstly from the left & then from right side of head. Then roll-up these strands one-by-one (first from left side & then from right side).

Centered Parted Hairstyle:

3 top 10 girls hair style for party (5)

Have a look at this hairstyle! It is a simple hairstyle that is made by partitioning hair. After center partition half hairs are swept on the right shoulder & remaining half are swept on the left shoulder. If you like then you can also add some curls into your hair so that you can attain a perfect formal hairstyle look!

Bouffant Hairstyle:

4 top 10 girls hair style for party (6)

Thi hairstyle is called bouffant hairstyle because hairs are styled like a bouffant from the crown part of the head. Bouffant cam also created like a pompadour but the different is only bouffant is created on the crown part of head but pompadour is created near the forehead.

Curly Hairstyle:

5 top 10 girls hair style for party (3)

If you have a curling machine at home then you can add some curls into your hair & get a very cool & stunning look.

Straight Hairstyle:

6 top 10 girls hair style for party (10)

Similarly if you have a hair straightening machine at home then convert your hair into sleek & straight hair. This hairstyle almost suits to every age & every face shape of lady.

Pompadour, Bouffant & Ponytail Hairstyle:

7 top 10 girls hair style for party (1)

This one hairstyle is created by mixing three hairstyles such as first one is pompadour, second is bouffant & third is a ponytail.

One-Side Updo:

8 top 10 girls hair style for party (8)

This one-side updo is created by rolling up different stands of hairs on the right side of head near the right ear. It is just a perfect hairstyle for attending wedding functions & night parties.

One-Side Braid:

9 top 10 girls hair style for party (9)

Girls, check out this very simple yet stylish & outstanding one-side braid hairstyle. Perfect casual & formal hairstyle!

French Braid Hairstyle:

10 top 10 girls hair style for party (7)

French braid is also a famous braid that can be created lots of different ways. This is a forehead French braid hairstyle. It is simple to make & can become a perfect casual & party hairstyle for teenage girls.