Indians are very popular in their styles, whether it is of wearing or hair style. Their styles have been imitated all over the world. Their bridals are incomplete without their enhancement. Here we are provided with traditional hair chic. Front both sides are braided and bun style has been given at rear. Center portion is inflated with jewelry.


It’s a very regular and usual hair style which is mostly opted by Indian bridals. Braid is very commonly selected on wedding days. Braid is also given unique touch by different hair accessory. In this braid is stuffed by artificial flowers which are accentuating the impact of bridal on others.


It is quite recent and modern Indian hair style. Chengon style is given latest look. Style would leave lifeless if it is not festooned by hair accomplice. It is fairly suited to model face. Dupatta has been pulled back over chengon which is increasing the subtlety of bridal.