With the passage of time, the trend of hairstyle is going to be most vital and crucial. Girls are much confused about their hairstyle and a lot of questions came their mind like ‘Which hairstyle should be applied on their hair?’ ‘How to comb their hair?’ For such girls, we have a better solution and we hope you will like that and also try to apply it on your hairs. Let’s have a look at below.
French tail is a great mode and method for both long and short hairs & every type of face cut girls can easily carry this style in any function to enhance your face and outwardly personality. French tail will give you a Barbie or fairy style look when you will apply it on hairs for attending any functions and parties. To make French tail, you would have to clutch a section of hairs at the top of your head and divide it into two halves. Pull up a thread from the left side of hair and cross it with first left strand. Similar, take a next strand of hair from right side and cross it with first right strand of hair. Keep pulling up the strands from both sides one by one until you reached at the end of hair. Bind your French tail braid with cute hair ban or pony. This hair style has different type and name you can apply it same method.

Topic: Hair
Style: French tail
Perfect for: Both long and short hair

black hair french tail  pony

black shiny hair french tail  pony

cheryl_cole_hairstyle for french tail pony

colorful hair for french tail pony

french tail  pony

french tail  pony 2013


french tail braided-hairstyles

goldan hair french tail  pony

long hair french tail pony for girls