Saree is a traditional dress of our country, women put on this dress on special occasion but in Indian culture it is a casual dress .You can wear saree easily but the fabric should be comfortable .When you want to go any ceremony then you wear anarkali frock, pishwas lehenga and saree it gives you a good look. When you wear any dress then hairstyle should be perfect with that dress such as ponytail and straight hair with skirt and maxi. But bind hair are good with saree because the saree is a traditional dress therefore open hair is not suitable but trendy bind hair is better. Many hairstyles are in trend but the bun hairstyle remains ever green because hairstyles are the main thing which can change your overall look. Here we have different ideas of hairstyles with saree.

1. Wonderful knot with saree:

Wonderful bun gives you a marvelous look you can decorate your bun with flowers like white rose, purple flowers and these flowers which we say kajraay gives you a good look. Knot has two kind’s top knot, medium and short knot. Simple black saree will give you an outstanding look knot decorated with clips, broaches and clips give you an elegant look.

2. Different bun with saree:

Messy bun is very common among the celebrity they often pick this hairstyle with saree if you have short hair then don’t be worried you can follow this style. But there are many kinds of bun crown bun, pretty bun and bun with braid. It is easily and quick made just pin it in right way and to hold on you can use hairspray. These types of hairstyle go with Bnarsi saree and you can go in any formal functions. If you have dye hair then the buns give you a glamorous look.

3. Curly hair with saree:

Curly hairs are very graceful many south Asian models have curly hair but they remain confident with their hair because curly hair is also good for saree. You can leave your curly hair at one side of your shoulder and embellish your curl with beads and flowers petal that increase your beauty. Curly hairstyles mostly girls make on the evening time functions, no matter that your saree is simple you can use hair accessories with your curly hair.

4. Braid hairstyles:

As you know very well the trend of braid is very much therefore we have many kinds of braid hairstyles that will go with your saree. For instance side braid, fish tail braid, French braid etc.You can adopt any braid with your saree if your function is in daytime then braid hairstyles are best for that function and you can easily moved in functions. Braid hairstyles are used specially in mehendi ceremony because the girls use yellow and white flowers to beautify their braid.

5. Straight hair style with saree:

Straight and heavy hair are the wish of every girl because hair is the beauty of every one including men. There are many hair styles for straight hair as just like simple wavy hair, simple straight hair, twisted on top and straight open, layer straight, and fringy straight hairstyle .Ombre hair style is in fashion and girls are adopting it rapidly it is such a style if you make a simple updo then it shows your hair extra volume. If you have fancy saree fully embroidered then simple hairstyle goes with it best.

Hopefully you will like my article my dear friends! These ideas are for those people who are anxious to grooming their hairstyles according to the saree. And hairstyle can change your overall look and can spoil also.


1.knot style with saree 2.bun hairstyle with saree bun style with saree celebrity hairstyle curly hairstyle with saree deepika_padukone_hairstyle_with_flowers lightly curl with saree simpal hairstyle with saree staight hair with saree trendy bun with saree