How it is a simple and classy easily worn hair style! It is quite loose style and provides delicate touch to bridals. Due to its sophistication it incorporates naive and doll look to your features. It is best preference for summer weddings. This is fantastically practical hair style as it keeps your hair fully covered and does not let them down. Not only weddings it can be employed on informal functions.


It’s a modern version of conventional hair style. In this we can observe loosely spiral curls hanging on shoulder and it carries a braid at back side of head. It grants an absolutely romantic look to your figure. It can be rightly implemented to your strapless robe. It does not require long hair so short hair bridals can be benefited by it.


There are countless variations of braids French, Dutch, side and many more. It can be right, back and centered. It can be decorated by different hair accessories such as flowers, brooches and feathers. We are given here French braid decked with pretty flowers as it seems lifeless without ornamentation. This very style can be availed to capture long and unstructured hair.


Braids are coming in fashions and use now a day as it contains classis cum modern chic. Bridals are enthusiastic about side braids. In this one side is loosely braided and other is left by slack hair. It has given up to date style with embellishment of bravura headband Can be embossed by hair pins tiara and birdcage veil.